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Small business accounting software: Wave, Quickbooks Online or Xero!

Choosing a good accounting software to start a small business is one of the first decision that every small business owner needs to make. What does an accounting software do for a small business owner?

Basic Accounting Software Features:

Track income & expenses:

Creating professional invoice and quote or secure connection to POS is the basic need of every business to capture the sale.
A user-friendly accounting software saves a lot of your time and money in the calculation of GST when you the expenses tracked adequately.

Xero start from $25 per month

QBO strat form $15 per month

Wave is free.


With single touch payroll system that include all employers 1 July 2019, no way to do the payrun in MS Word or Excel an more.
Another reason to have proper payroll system is that form 1 July 2018 deductions disallowed if required PAYG not deducted and that includes employees but extends to non-ABN payments also.

Xero starts at $25 per month for one person.

QBO starts at $15 per month for ten person

Wave Payroll is not available in Australia.


Digging down into the numbers in an Accounting Software and tailoring reports and measuring specific KPIs for your business is a must for a software.
Also, you need to share information with your advisor or have them create and publish reports on your behalf.

Xero starts at $5 per month.

QBO starts at $15 per month.

Wave is free.

Integration with your business apps:
Business software that works with Accounting Software improving small business efficiencies.

Xero starts at $10 per month.

QBO starts at $35 per month.

Wave is free. However, Wave only has three apps to integrate.

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