About us


We're about changing lives – it’s as simple as that.

You see your financial success is like tackling a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle. The problem is we often take a couple of pieces to an accountant, another couple to a financial planner, another couple to a finance broker, and another couple of pieces to an insurance agent, etc., etc. Then we expect them to provide us with the picture of our happy, smiling financial life without seeing or knowing about all the other pieces.

At Amour Accountants we’ve assembled our own team of experienced finance professionals that work on bringing all the pieces of the jigsaw together, guiding you in all areas of your business and personal success. By taking this holistic approach we provide you with a connected financial strategy to help you achieve all your life goals.


We believe being financially secure is one of the cornerstones to achieving all the experiences you want in your life. It’s with this in mind, we’re building the Amour Financial Group bringing together a team of dedicated people who believe in making a positive difference to all of those around us.

We know that our business has the power to inspire and change the lives of those we’re privileged to connect with and serve.


The Amour team work with you to increase your financial security and create an even better lifestyle through our range of financial, business and wealth creation services.

We design a 5-year financial strategy with you and we make available our years of experience, the training and skills, the systems and resources that we have so that together we can achieve something great.


We minimise the time and effort taken on the important, but non-core, functions of the business, to give you back the time to focus on the most important core activities and allowing to enjoy time away from the business.

We design accounting packages around the needs of our clients. We embrace cloud technology and provide accountancy services and business advice to enable you to be even more successful in your business and personal growth.


Amour Accountants was established in 2014 by Mahdi Amouri and has been providing professional accounting and tax services to individuals and small businesses around Aspley and the northside of Brisbane at cost-effective prices.

In 2014, Mahdi moved his focus more to cloud-based accounting services like Xero and other industry-specific software services, enabling us to provide more efficient and cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting solutions and business management systems to help our business clients even more.

In 2019, he expanded the team even further and now has the team who can provide high-level business advice, marketing support, outsourcing capability & finance services in addition to accounting, bookkeeping & tax services.