tax return brisbane

I wanted to go over some of my accounting duties and don’t get me wrong this is just a very quick list I put together.

It’s probably not representative of about half the stuff that I do but I was just trying to come up with a list of things quickly and just give you an idea kind of what I do and what an accountant does.

So to start off with one of the things that I do is: I work with foreign currency every month.

At the beginning of the month, I update the currency so I put in what the currency rate is and then at the end of the month I actually reconcile the currencies from our trial balance to a report that has kind of the open balances that we have.

This is a big process. It takes a while to do and it’s very complicated so that is one thing that in school I didn’t really work a ton with foreign currency but that’s something that my employer taught me over time so I wanted to kind of bring this up because you won’t learn this in school. Take a break and find out more about business tax return Brisbane.