tax accountant brisbane

A lot of things in accounting is you learn something in school and then your employer either elaborate on that or you just learn something completely different and you follow the way your employer does it.

So that’s kind of why I brought that up I also do a lot with our pension.

So every month I do a pension reconciliation and I make sure that all of the reports are distributed to all the parties that need to have the reports.

I also attend pension asset meetings and the corresponding valuation of liability
meetings. Those are every quarter and are very interesting because you learn a lot about the market as well as you know pension topics.

I also attend our four 1/k management meeting so I kind of see the background behind a 401k and see a lot about like how they choose different funds and all of that and then I have to calculate the vacation liability to accrue for vacation carry forwards for the for the previous year so these are all kind of mixed with HR. Please check tax return brisbane to find out how everything started.