certified financial planner

we are going to discuss about the definition of finance and then we will see the finance from different contexts and also we will focus on the areas of business finance and last but not least we will try to discuss how we can we can relate the different areas of finance with the balance sheet model of a form they start the finance can be defined as the science and art of managing money in order to achieve the appropriate objective you can see that there are two components

two important components in the definition one is managing money therefore finance involved with managing money and the other component is appropriate objective that means finance involve managing money with an appropriate objective in mind in this course we will discuss different aspects of managing money as well as about the appropriate objective what should be the appropriate objective in your mind when you are managing money finance is a wide area and it can be it can be thought in different contexts like from personal context government context or business context from personal context if you think about finance it is the management of money for personal objective

for example if you are thinking about personal finance perhaps you will perhaps you will think about how to earn adequate amount of money how much money to spend and save how much to borrow if necessary how much money to invest if you have extra and if you want to increase your consumption in future where the in where to invest the money when to invest the money so these are the these are some examples of questions that you answer if you are dealing with personal finance government context in government context the finance will be dealing with a generating government revenue for example by deciding how much to tax public spending the amount of public spending budgeting government depth production distribution of public goods and if we think about business context of finance then it will be dealing with for example in what fixed assets should we invest our money how to raise money for the investment of the business how to manage the short-term cash flows how much to reinvest in the business if you want to expand the business

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