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I would say I’ll get retained or earnings common shares, preferred shares perhaps and dividends are all sort of part of this equity puzzle.
The definitions assets, the stuff a company owns and controls that’s good.

For the company liabilities, anything the company owes and it’s almost always money.
I have to pay the bank back and money a few chapters down the road we’ll look at what it is when a company owes something other than money.

And lasts equity that’s the owners piece of the pie.
What’s left over for the shareholders.

Now I want to look at Revenues and you probably have a good idea of what revenues are but let’s quickly look it up on Wikipedia. It says accounting revenue is the income that a company receives from its normal business activities.

Usually from the sale of goods or services to customers I want you to think of revenues as earned.

That word earned is key so if I go to Walmart their revenue will be sales revenue because they sell stuff to earn our money.

If I go to a car repair shop they’ll have repair revenue because they repair your vehicle.

if you’re a university or college student you’re paying tuition.
Your university earns tuition revenue so revenue is whatever the company does to earn their money.

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