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in case of positive cash flow in order to meet your financial commitments you need positive cash flow in order to meet your financial commitments long term you might be able to meet your financial commitments this month next month with a negative cash flow but eventually the cash is going to run out cash flow and ensuring a company or a business has enough cash is one of the reasons why a business plans why a company will create a business plan they want to ensure that there’s enough – to me the financial needs or commitments of the entity so in a business plan documents like a sales forecast so an income forecasts will be included and expenses forecasts a cash flow statement a projected profit and loss statement for showing the profitability of the business or company so let’s see if I have a little file that I can share with you so this is a business plan example so I’ve got a sales forecast month by month sales coming in income coming into the business

these are all sales there’s an expenses forecast some money being spent to keep the business running month by month a cash flow statement I’ve already been through one of these with you and then you would have a projected profit and loss statement and a projected balance sheet and that’s like the the basic financials of a business plan if you have any questions about anything I’m covering just put something in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer your questions okay so we’ve been through that nextslide business finance and accounting so in the business world in finance and accounting income generally refers to things like sales

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