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So I work closely with HR to do these things.

So in your company that you might work if you guys do have a pension or a 401k these these things might be in the HR department but in my company we kind of intermix some of these duties anyway.

So moving on another thing that kind of goes on is at quarter end so every April July October and January is kind of when we’re doing our quarter end entries.

So I have to enter reports from customers and I feel like this should be like huge because that takes up the entire month.

It is so time-consuming. (think to tax accountant brisbane)

There are so many reports. Every report is different. it takes up so much time so that’s a
huge thing and I’m sure as an accountant and your company or if in your future company if you’re not currently working as an accountant you will realize that that is a huge part of your job.

Another thing at quarter end is I have to prepare reports after I receive reports from customers. I have to enter them and then certain things happen and then I have to send out reports to customers so that takes up about another week of my time after the end of the quarter.