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if your income is less than your outgoings you will always have a negative cash flow that doesn’t mean that you’re going to run out of cash at the end of each month but it does mean that your cash flow is going to come down now what do I mean by cash flow something you need to realize in life and in the business world is cash is king you need cash to survive you need money to pay for your financial commitments if you don’t have sufficient cash that’s generally referred to as cash flow difficulties you don’t have enough cash in the business or in your household to meet your financial needs financial commitments now if I end this again and bring up the love of file so cash forecast I have a basic cash flow forecast here you can see I have the month at the top here the opening cash balance that could be a bank account any money coming in and then money going out and at the bottom here is a closing cash balance so you can see the end of month one there’s just under thirty-five thousand pounds or dollars left in the account month to 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 so we have a positive cash flow the cash flow is actually growing

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