accountant fortitude valley

these is way to learn anything especially Finance and Accounting is for me to make the material as relevant and relatable to you as possible so I’ll probably try and use as many personal day-to-day examples as I can some of these subjects are quite complex for some people to get their head around so I will try to keep things as simple as possible income. Income can mean a number of things you have some income whether that’s income from a job income that comes from a rented property perhaps you have interesting comments and savings income is money in to an entity or relating this to you it’s money into your household money that goes into your bank account each week each month

it could be welfare state welfare could be a pension it’s money in to an entity so money in is generally referred to as income in the accounting and finance world now there are many aspects to this in a company looking at company accounts income could mean certain things and not other things so expenses is money soon your household you’ll have money coming into your bank account and you’ll have money going out and this money going out with generally expenses it’s not an expense it’s paying back debt perhaps paying a mortgage it’s paying money back that you owe now if you were to create a budget and list your money in and your money out you’ll end up with a deficit meaning there’s more money going out than there is coming in

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